About Me

15034753_1185688581519966_1017630434214805504_nHey, I’m Emily Ingham and I am the creator and artist of Emily Ingham Art.

I am a passionate and dedicated artist, whom wants to spread my quirky, fun and modern style around the world.

My art has been featured, liked and reposted by several celebrities including: Kylie Jenner App, Bindi Irwin, Candice Swanopoel, and Rihanna.

After a year of creating and selling my work locally – I am so excited to finally be able to offer my products nationally and hopefully globally with you all. Emily Ingham art is a collection of products I personally design, create and develop. I can’t wait to see where my unique creations end up. Use the hashtag #emilyinghamart to share your photos with me.



Em to most, but blossom, bubbles to my Mum!

Favourite food:

Can’t pick between MnM’s and Potato Gems! They’re both my weakness!!

Three bad habits I have:

  1. Drinking beverages too fast
  2. Taking daily naps
  3. Picking my nails when nervous

Favourite Colour:


Favourite alcoholic beverage:

Vodka Orange. I know what you’re thinking – so not original! 

Celebrity I would most want to meet and be friends with:

Kylie Jenner. What can I say?! I’m obsessed! hehehe

Go to Friday night movie:

The Heat, White Chicks, She’s the Man. Anything that can make me laugh!!